Below are neighborhoods and communities of interest in Merced County that have been identified by the public. All public comments are gathered at the public hearings, community workshops, and via email at

For my community both social and economics are important. The first aspect is social. Social due to the type of people that compose the community of Planada. Over the years I have seen a decline in local participation in local boards. Coming to realize this year that even though the majority of our population are form Hispanic decent close to 50% of our population is undocumented. Therefore not allowing many to be part of boards.
This also impacts our economy. Many of our families that are undocumented do not receive the extra help as well as services that they need to even have time to give back to the community.
For the past several years, we have been a few that have continued and pushed ahead. I feel that If I would go to the community of Le Grand and other areas of District 1 I would find a similar situation to ours here in Planada.

Santa Nella and Los Banos share resources (healthcare, groceries, shopping)

Livingston has a large Punjabi population.

UC Merced students.

Improvements on not only inner city roadways, but also country roads (Delhi)

My surrounding community would be interested in healthier option shopping centers. One that has struck my attention has been opening up a Trader Joes, Sprouts, and Whole Foods. Having healthier, organic options in our community is highly import due to the increase in diabetes amongst children. Additionally, family friendly museums for young children and youth.

The Hispanic business owners and the hispanic farm laborers, pandemic relief grant to help the families impacted by covid 19.

The community of Planada is located 9 miles East of Merced.

Winton, Livingston, and Atwater.

Santa Nella School District.

South Parsons Avenue, Merced

Off of South Ave. is where we live but we also work in Delhi. Our work is West Schendel and that road is also beat up. (We work and live in Delhi)

We are located closest to Merced College and Mercy Hospital and El Capitan. Located in Bellevue Ranch (New Construction Homes)

Le Grand Rd is close to the elementary school here in Le Grand, CA.

No highways, rivers, hills, or parks close to our neighbor area. This could be a great way to add neighborhood park and advocate for one in the area. Walking trails, along with Bike lanes for highschool students to have access instead of riding alongside rapid cars.

Railroad tracks and land used for farming

My rationale for my community to be used in the districting, is due mostly due to the people. Many times we look at maps geographically to make decisions. We look for visible landmarks to create districts. Many times we see and experience the economic division that comes with the geographical division. District 1 is a perfect example. Many of the communities that compose District 1 are farming communities. Many of these families are new to the area. As well as new to the country.

Santa Nella School District should connect with Gustine, not Los Banos.

Merced’s population growth is connected to higher education at UC Merced.

Delhi and Hilmar are the forgotten communities because we are on the north side of Merced River. I would like to see our tax dollars used specifically for our areas, especially the roads in Delhi. We need a district small enough that we get the help we need, but large enough to not be ignored. Alternatively, we should become part of Stanislaus county as most of us go that direction for work and shopping, due to convenience.

Creating a well rounded and healthier community can benefit our younger community in the long run. Adding parks, trails and other outdoor locations can allow the family as a whole to reduce the risk of mental health (which is on the rise) such as depression, anxiety, physical and mental stress. Furthermore, having the option to shop for healthier foods is what the community has been requesting and advocating for almost a decade.

What I like about the current district lines is the ratio of people per district. Even though District 2 – 3 look small in the map. They have more people in one area.
What I dislike about the current district lines, is what I mentioned above.

Dislike that El Nido is one community but it is currently split into separate districts.

District 4 extends southwest but should be more compact.

Blend District 2 with District 1 to invite more visitors to the area.

Seems because Delhi is at the border, we seem to get forgotten or get placed “last in line” at least compared to Hilmar who is always getting improvements.

Are district lines necessary? Other cities seem to be ok with not “separating” the community or labeling such neighborhoods with in district lines.