On December 7, 2021, the County of Merced Board of Supervisors selected NDC Map 101d for adoption, implementing new supervisorial districts. Ordinance No. 2010 (English, Spanish) is effective January 6, 2022. 

While the redistricting process is complete, this site remains live to serve as an archive of the election changes including the schedule, draft maps and resources.


Every 10 years, local governments use new data from the Census to redraw their district lines to reflect how local populations have changed. Assembly Bill 849 (2019) requires cities and counties to engage communities in the redistricting process by holding public hearings and doing public outreach, including to non-English-speaking communities. Merced County is asking for your help to plan, draw, and redivide new County districts.

The finalized maps that you will help us create will define the five Merced County district borders, and these new County districts will impact how you elect your Merced County Supervisors for the next 10 years.

Our primary goal when developing election districts is to draw lines that respect neighborhoods, history and geographical elements. So we want to know: What do you consider the boundaries of your neighborhood?

Share your specific thoughts, draw a map or attend a public hearing to get involved!