The current redistricting timeline and adoption of new supervisorial district maps will affect the 2022 Primary Election process for Merced County Supervisorial Candidates.

The original June 7, 2022 Primary Election time frame was as follows:

Petition in Lieu Period: December 16, 2021 – February 9, 2022 (5:00pm)

The Petition in Lieu period is required to begin 28 days after the new County supervisorial district maps are approved. The final map is scheduled to be approved December 7th, 2021. Therefore, the Petition in Lieu period will be pushed into January 2022. 

During the Petition in Lieu period, candidates may obtain forms from the Merced County Registrar of Voters and submit petitions containing signatures of registered voters to cover all or any portions of the non-refundable filing fee. Since the time period has been shortened, the number of required signatures will be reduced proportionally.  

The new time frame is as follows:

Petition in Lieu Period: January 4, 2022 – February 9, 2022 (5:00pm)